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Expand Available Footnotes

Epic Hypothesis Statement:

For: Airline Customers filing fares with ATPCO

Who: Pricing teams that need to manage various fare levels

The: Footnotes are running out

Is a: way to manage various fare levels based on travel and ticket dates in a given market

That: processes the footnotes dates to determine the validity of a given fare

Unlike: not having enough footnotes to manage various fare levels in a large number of markets

Our solution: implement the expansion of footnotes available in the ATP Product  

  • Viki Lezon
  • Apr 9 2018

Today airlines are running out of footnotes.  Footnotes are used to differentiate travel/ticket dates so that different layers of fares levels can be maintained especially in competitive markets.   Airlines use footnotes extensively and they need them to manage their fare levels.

NBI enhancement:
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