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RE: New Alpha Trip Change Plugin

Hi John & Tech Team,

Here's some initial feedback on the new Trip Change plugin, in order of concern:

* On my initial test transaction (NFXLQ5), it is saving a manual pricing record instead of an automated ATFQ, even though the PNR prices fine. This leads to debit memo concerns. Is this the normal behavior?
* (I did not issue the exchange in this test; I used the 'Update PNR Only' option where I would be issuing later, which mirrors our agent process. After pricing the exchange, there are Accounting Remarks that need to get added to thet PNR, and Quality Checks, before we issue the actual exchange.)
* I'm getting all kinds of emulation errors after installing the plugin, even before I was using it. I'm on Smartpoint 8.0. When I first signed in to Smartpoint and tried to emulate, I got a 'Value cannot be null' error. To get around it, I had to restart Smartpoint, emulate, close Smartpoint again, and restart again. Since then I've gotten the error sporadically when trying to switch work areas (SA/SB/SC/etc).
* Is there any ability to customize the remarks that the plugin adds? It would be nice if the plugin could add the remarks that we need for our Accounting/QC checks automatically.



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  • Apr 16 2018
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