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Branded Fares - 1G - Smartpoint Price by Brand

The purpose of this Value prop is to deliver capabilities to our travel agencies for Pricing branded fares.   Specifically the ability to price by brand so that an agent or user can select the solution they want and be able to successfully price it.

We have some gaps in our Pricing functionality.   Some carriers file fares that cannot be priced because our pricing logic will only surface the lowest fare in an RBD.    

This story will implement the ability to show a Brand modifier to a user so that it can be used to target the specific fare being priced and eventually stored.    Some of this already implemented in all cores, but the end to end usability is not good.  

This will deliver (on 1G)

- The ability to see brands for a given itinerary and identify the brand modifier to be used in follow up price entries or storage.

- Introduce a fully baked Fare Family display in the Green screen (already exists in Smartpoint and UAPI).


  • Greg Walters
  • Jul 24 2017
  • Shipped
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